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  • Play Again Sam Light
    Play Again Sam Light

    Play Again Sam Light, the two guys are playing regulary in our restaurant. We love them!

  • Duo Sunbow
    Duo Sunbow

    Sunbow stands for unplugged guitarmusic

  • Hannes Wölfel
    Hannes Wölfel

    Hannes Wölfel from the bad "Play Again Sam Light" with songs of 40 years music history of Pop-Rock-Folk

  • Rocco and Slauko in Deutschen Flotte Hof
    Rocco and Slauko
  • Terry Lee Burns
    Terry Lee Burns

    From Nashville Tennessee "Terry Lee Burns" gave us some great hours with his guitar

  • Schlappentag

    Come to us and enjoy the famous "Hofer Schlappentag" in our restaurant

  • Dreiklang

    The guys from "Dreiklang" are visiting us regulary and giving us a great time

  • Die Zsammgwerfltn
    Die Zsammgwerfltn

    The ladies called the "Zsammgwerfltn". Sorry, there is no translation for that ;-)

Beergarden concerts

We are happy to invite you to our summer concerts in our beergarden.
The concerts are take place on every weather condition, because we have a partly roofed beergarden.
Food will come from our barbecue.

Currently, we have
no concerts on our agenda.